Local Attractions near Dundalk:

Ardrose Bed & Breakfast at  5 The Crescent, Dundalk town centre is nearby:

  • Chuchulainn Castle 2.9 km
  • Blackrock Village 5 km. www.blackrock.com
  • Cooley Peninsula 26 km
  • Stephenstown Pond 7 km
  • Proleek Dolmen 9 km
  • Faughart St Bridget's Shrine/Holy Well 6 km
  • Bellurgan Park 9 km
  • Ravensdale Forest 8 km
  • Carlingford Village 27 km. www.carlingford.ie
  • Tain Trails/Mountain walks 13 km
  • Newgrange and Boyne Valley 40 km
  • Mellifont 34 km

Some Facts About Cuchulainn Castle 

This formidable earthwork sits on a prominent ridge on the western outskirts of the modern town of Dundalk. It consists of a huge flat-topped mound (maximum height 10m) encircled by a wide deep fosse (overall diamater c.97m). In its present form, it is clearly of 12-13th century date. However, as the range of names that are applied to this place suggest, its importance extends forwards and backwards from this medieval personification. Amongst these names, the label "Cúchulainn's Castle", by which we shall describe it here, is perhaps the most popular. The other labels range from the official- sounding 'Castletown Mount' to the romantic "Pirate Byrnes Castle" to the ancient 'Dún Delga'. In many ways these names mark actual phases in its history as well as reflecting our changing perceptions of the place (for further details, see Gosling 1991).